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    Hello! My name is Maria. I'm a Central Florida Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer, also creator of The Simple Things Photography. A little bit about how I shoot; I'm in love with natural light and nature. I'm a huge believer of the phrase "less is more." I keep my equipment simple, efficient and focus on our environment to create beautiful colors and contrasts where you and the surroundings compliment each other.


    Pictures have always been a huge part of my life growing up. Whether I was getting mine taken or taking someone else's, I've always felt great desire to capture every special moment. I started The Simple Things to share my love for photography and capture these special moments for myself as well as for others. To one person a picture might just be a picture, but to someone else a picture is a special memory, a feeling, a moment you might want to look back on later or even years from now! I'm that someone!


    I'm also a mom of two precious boys who knows how important it is to not only live the moments but also re-visit them! I'm so grateful and blessed to go back on such fond memories from a simple photograph! Whether your a couple, family, pet owner, fitness enthusiast, student, mommy or daddy wanting to tell your story and in search of concepts and images that support your vision. I'm a photographer that provides all the right tools to be part of it all!


    It's The Simple Things in life that make us happy!

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